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What’s In a Name? Theory’s Unique Approach

three women taking photos and enjoying early sunset views of dc skyline from outdoor terrace at theory apartments

If you’ve stepped foot in an urban area over the last five years, you may have thought to yourself, “Huh, there are a lot of luxury apartments with buzzy names.” Whether it’s a new multi-use complex named after the developer, or something a little more aspirational, these names are attempting to do more than cut through the noise. They exist to energize the building, the space, and bring it to life.

You may have read the Washington Post’s tongue-in-cheek feature of Theory in their article, “What’s in name? When it comes to new buildings, apparently a lot.” To put it plainly, at surface level, an abstract apartment name can seem nebulous. But it caught your attention, right? It drew you in, and maybe you even felt closer to that space. Maybe it spoke to you on a deeper level than 133rd Street would have.

That’s the goal. We live in a time defined by choice; we understand that people like to make choices that align with their values. At Theory, we believe that our brand identity allows people to more easily align us with their own. From our unique four-bedroom apartments to thoughtful spaces for community and wellness, our name represents a new way of urban living, a new “theory” that just might work.

At Theory, we’re a purpose-built community of people who crave urban life without compromise. If you’re hunting for a more-than-unique apartment, we’ve got you. Come visit us in Union Market and see what DC’s most dynamic neighborhood is all about.